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Armor is one of the many unit statistics in the game, among others such as Attack and Health. Armor reduces all incoming damage by the unit's armor value. For example, a unit with 5 armor that gets attacked for 6 will only lose 1 health, instead of losing 6 health. Conversely, if a unit has below 0 armor, they will be more vulnerable to damage than normal. For example, if a unit with -10 armor were to be hit by a 1-damage spell, they would lose 11 health, instead of losing 1 health. Piercing Damage ignores positive armor, but still gets amplified by negative armor. Many effects in the game can modify a unit's armor.

"Armor" also refers to the Armor equipment items sold in the Shop. Armor items are equipped into a hero's second equipment slot, appropriately granting them additional armor.

List of Armor Items[edit | edit source]

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List of Armor-Modifying Cards[edit | edit source]