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A short summary of the phase system

The gameplay of Artifact takes place across three phases. The game starts in the Laning Phase.

Turn Timers[edit | edit source]

Players are timed with a chess style turn timer. Both players start with a pool of time that is expended across the entire match while they are able to act. Players have at most one minute to complete an action, before the turn automatically pases. Both timers gain an additional 2 minutes upon the end of the third lane. If you run out of time, you lose.

Action Phase[edit | edit source]

During the Action Phase, each player takes turns playing cards onto the current board, moving to the combat phase once both players elect to pass the turn without performing an action. At the beginning of a action phase, your Mana is refreshed.

Initiative[edit | edit source]

At the start of the game, the starting player is always Radiant. At the start of every subsequent Action Phase, the player that passed first in the set of two passes that ended last round gets Initiative and begins that Action Phase.

Passing[edit | edit source]

When a player elects to end their turn without playing any cards (Out of their own volition or having no mana/cards), they are considered to have passed the turn. If their opponent has not passed previously, they may play cards as normal and the phase continues as usual, with both sides being able to continue play.

Once both players pass consecutively (both players pass after each other), the Action Phase ends.

Combat Phase[edit | edit source]

During the Combat Phase - all heroes, creatures and improvements that can attack, do so. Once all damage has been resolved, the Laning Phase begins in the next lane. If all three lanes have been passed on, the game advances to the shopping phase.

Shopping Phase[edit | edit source]

During the Shopping Phase, each player can spend gold earned either killing enemy cards or casting spell at the Shop. The Shop offers, in this order, a random "Secret Shop" item, an item from your Item Deck, and a consumable item. Once both players elect to finish (or "pass") shopping, the phase ends.

Deployment Phase[edit | edit source]

During the Deployment Phase, each player has two creeps randomly assigned to each lane. Then, both players secretly assign any hero ready for deployment to any lane. Heroes are ready for deployment if they are dead and their respawn time has elapsed, or they have not yet to be deployed and the correct turn for them to enter has occurred.

Players then draw 2 cards and laning phase starts.

End Phase[edit | edit source]

Once all of the other phases have finished, the round ends. Both players gain one additional mana.

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