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Mechanics are the inner workings of Artifact. The following is a list of mechanics topics. Click on each topic to view more information.

Resources[edit | edit source]

Mechanic Introduction
- A currency used to buy items, gained through slaying enemies.
Mana The resource required to use most abilities. Replenishes each turn.
Cards Cards are the essential element of Artifact, as the game is dependent on what cards get played when, where and how.

Units and Spells[edit | edit source]

Mechanic Introduction
Heroes Heroes are the driving force behind Artifact, as the course of the match is dependent on their intervention.
Creeps Creeps are lesser units, unable to equip items and only occasionally possessing an ability. Melee Creeps are the more basic variant, automatically spawning to reinforce lanes.
Spells Spells carve through swathes of enemies, bestow power and summon reinforcements.
Improvements Improvements upgrade lanes, providing continuous effects that give one side of the board an advantage over the other.
Items Items increase a hero's capabilities and a unit's vitality and strength. They range from simple healing flasks to mighty weapons.

Structures[edit | edit source]

Mechanic Introduction
Towers Gatekeepers of your Ancient, Towers act as each lane's health total. You win if you destroy two towers.
Ancients A player's stronghold. The Ancient appears in a lane when that lane's Tower has been destroyed. With double the base life of a Tower, destroying the Ancient wins the game.
Fountains The invulnerable sanctuary where heroes are sent when they die. Dead heroes must spend 2 turns in the Fountain before returning to battle.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Mechanic Introduction
Phases A single round in Artifact is composed of multiple phases.
Pathing Unblocked units select a random combat target.
Damage Normal Damage has no special modifications, Piercing Damage ignores armor and Siege Damage is dealt directly to the tower if the attacking unit is blocked.
Stats All heroes and creeps have the three primary stats, though innate Armor is rare enough that it is unlisted when zero. Attack is how much damage the unit deals to its target in combat, Armor reduces incoming damage by that amount on every incoming attack instance, and Health is a unit's life total--if it is reduced to 0, the unit dies.

Keywords[edit | edit source]

Mechanic Introduction
Condemn Immediately destroys a target.
Cleave Deals damage to a unit's left and right enemy neighbors.
Damage Immunity Grants invulnerability to all damage.
Death Shield Prevents death.
Disarm Prevents a unit from attacking.
Heal Restores health immediately.
Lock Prevents cards from being played.
Modify Gives a unit a permanent effect.
Neighbors Units immediately adjacent to the target.
Pulse Updates the game state before continuing.
Purge Removes effects from a unit.
Rapid Deployment Reduces the time a hero must spend waiting in the Fountain before being redeployed.
Regeneration Heals and prevents combat damage.
Retaliate Deals damage to attacking units.
Siege Damages the tower when blocked.
Silence Prevents ability activation and spell casting.
Stun Prevents attacking, ability activation, and spell casting.
Swap Exchanges the position of two units.
Taunt Redirects enemy neighbors' attacks toward the taunting unit.
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