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Items are a type of Artifact card that is purchased for
Gold during the Shopping Phase.

Acquiring[edit | edit source]

There are several types of items in Artifact. Each type does something different, so being aware of these differences can substantially improve your long-term strategy planning.

Items are generated primarily through purchase with
gold at the Shop, but can be acquired through other means.

Item Categories[edit | edit source]

Hero Items[edit | edit source]

Hero Items are a unique card type to spells and improvements in that they are in their own 9 card deck and require gold to buy instead of mana. After each round the player can spend gold on an item from the secret shop, the 9 card deck they made, or a consumable shop that contains all the consumable items. You will never be re offered a card you already bought from the secret shop or your deck. After buying an item it is added to your hand to be equipped to a character losing you initiative. The items often grant a special skill that can be used by the hero.

Each Hero has three basic item slots -- Accessory, Armor, and Weapon. These subcategories each have special qualities that makes equipping items have different effects.

  • Accessory - Raises your hero health and grants boosts to survivability. Can often grant defensive bonuses.
  • Armor - Grants additional armor to your hero. These items can also buff or debuff your enemy heroes.
  • Weapon - Gives your hero additional damage, usually by directly increasing the damage dealt. Additional benefits can be gained through passive skills.

Consumables[edit | edit source]

These items help the players, but are only able to be used once before they are discarded. These can heal, grant you additional cards through drawing or searching through the deck, etc. These items originate from a special, preset pool of cards, of which one is chosen randomly to be offered to the player every Shopping Phase.

Secret Shop Items[edit | edit source]

These items can be any non-consumable item in the game, selected randomly.

List of Items[edit | edit source]

Apotheosis Blade card image.png
Blade of the Vigil card image.png
Blink Dagger card image.png
Broadsword card image.png
Claymore card image.png
Demagicking Maul card image.png
Keenfolk Musket card image.png
Poaching Knife card image.png
Red Mist Maul card image.png
Short Sword card image.png
Stonehall Pike card image.png
Wingfall Hammer card image.png
Barbed Mail card image.png
Chainmail card image.png
Helm of the Dominator card image.png
Keenfolk Plate card image.png
Leather Armor card image.png
Nyctasha's Guard card image.png
Platemail card image.png
Rumusque Vestments card image.png
Seraphim Shield card image.png
Shield of Aquila card image.png
Shield of Basilius card image.png
Shiva's Guard card image.png
Stonehall Plate card image.png
Vesture of the Tyrant card image.png
Assassin's Veil card image.png
Book of the Dead card image.png
Cloak of Endless Carnage card image.png
Fur-lined Mantle card image.png
Hero's Cape card image.png
Horn of the Alpha card image.png
Phase Boots card image.png
Revtel Signet Ring card image.png
Ring of Tarrasque card image.png
Ristul Emblem card image.png
Stonehall Cloak card image.png
Traveler's Cloak card image.png
Fountain Flask card image.png
Golden Ticket card image.png
Healing Salve card image.png
Obliterating Orb card image.png
Potion of Knowledge card image.png
Shop Deed card image.png
Town Portal Scroll card image.png
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