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Improvements are a category of Spells with a unique effect to the board.

Like normal Spells, you cast them in a lane. However, once the spell is cast they provide a permanent Improvement to the targeted lane. Lanes can have multiple improvements at a time, and all active Improvements are shown the side of the owner's Tower.

Improvements are only removed when they are destroyed, which can lead to the owner potentially snowballing out of control.

Types[edit | edit source]

Each type of improvement is distinct.

  • Active
    • Must be manually activated. Has a cooldown. Has 6 spikes surrounding it's icon.
  • Passive
    • Triggers when a specific action is taken or a phase begins. Has 3 spikes surrounding it's icon.
  • Continuous
    • Provides an ongoing, always active effect to the lane. Has no spikes surrendering it's icon.

List of Improvement Cards[edit | edit source]

Name Color Mana Cost
Aghanim's Sanctum Blue Cards.png Blue 4
Altar of the Mad Moon Green Cards.png Green 4
Assault Ladders Black Cards.png Black 3
Assured Destruction Black Cards.png Black 3
Barracks Blue Cards.png Blue 5
Bitter Enemies Black Cards.png Black 2
Burning Oil Red Cards.png Red 1
Conflagration Blue Cards.png Blue 5
Escape Route Black Cards.png Black 1
Glyph of Confusion Blue Cards.png Blue 6
Grand Melee Red Cards.png Red 3
Homefield Advantage Green Cards.png Green 4
Howling Mind Blue Cards.png Blue 3
Iron Fog Goldmine Black Cards.png Black 3
Keenfolk Turret Black Cards.png Black 4
Messenger Rookery Blue Cards.png Blue 1
Mist of Avernus Green Cards.png Green 3
Nether Ward Red Cards.png Red 4
Path of the Bold Red Cards.png Red 3
Path of the Cunning Black Cards.png Black 3
Path of the Dreamer Green Cards.png Green 3
Path of the Wise Blue Cards.png Blue 3
Revtel Investments Black Cards.png Black 3
Selemene's Favor Green Cards.png Green 6
Steam Cannon Black Cards.png Black 7
Steel Reinforcement Red Cards.png Red 4
Temple of War Red Cards.png Red 3
The Oath Black Cards.png Black 3
The Omexe Arena Red Cards.png Red 6
The Tyler Estate Black Cards.png Black 4
Trebuchets Black Cards.png Black 1
Unearthed Secrets Green Cards.png Green 3
Unsupervised Artillery Black Cards.png Black 2
Verdant Refuge Green Cards.png Green 5

Aghanim's Sanctum card image.png
Altar of the Mad Moon card image.png
Assault Ladders card image.png
Assured Destruction card image.png
Barracks card image.png
Bitter Enemies card image.png
Burning Oil card image.png
Conflagration card image.png
Escape Route card image.png
Glyph of Confusion card image.png
Grand Melee card image.png
Homefield Advantage card image.png
Howling Mind card image.png
Iron Fog Goldmine card image.png
Keenfolk Turret card image.png
Messenger Rookery card image.png
Mist of Avernus card image.png
Nether Ward card image.png
Path of the Bold card image.png
Path of the Cunning card image.png
Path of the Dreamer card image.png
Path of the Wise card image.png
Revtel Investments card image.png
Selemene's Favor card image.png
Steam Cannon card image.png
Steel Reinforcement card image.png
Temple of War card image.png
The Oath card image.png
The Omexe Arena card image.png
The Tyler Estate card image.png
Trebuchets card image.png
Unearthed Secrets card image.png
Unsupervised Artillery card image.png
Verdant Refuge card image.png
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