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Improvements are a card type that apply a unique persistent effect to the lane they are attached to. Currently, all improvements are cross-lane cards, able to be played into any of the three lanes.

  • Improvements are not units, creeps, or spells.
  • Improvements do not occupy combat positions.
  • Improvements last until they are destroyed by effects that specifically destroy improvements.
  • Each lane can have a maximum of 16 improvements. Placing a 17th improvement will destroy a random existing improvement.

Types[edit | edit source]

Each type of improvement is distinct.

  • Active
    • Must be manually activated. Is ready to be activated as soon as it is played, then goes on cooldown. Has 6 spikes surrounding its icon.
  • Passive
    • Triggers when a specific event occurs or a specific phase begins. Has 3 spikes surrounding its icon.
  • Continuous
    • Provides an ongoing, always active effect to the lane. Has no spikes surrounding its icon.

List of Improvement Cards[edit | edit source]

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