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Game modes are a set of restrictions within which the game of Artifact can be played. Most game modes alter either how decks are constructed or what can be added to a deck.

Constructed[edit | edit source]

Constructed decks are bound by the standard Deck rules. This format has no change from the base ruleset of the game. It is currently unknown how players will queue and compete against each other, however a ladder system has been explicitly ruled out.

Gauntlet[edit | edit source]

The 'Gauntlet' encompasses all limited formats available in Artifact.

Draft[edit | edit source]

In Draft, you construct your deck by selecting cards out of a series of packs.

You draft from a total of 5 packs worth of cards, making 2 selections from each pack presented to you. Once you make your 2 selections, you will be given a pack from the pool of current ongoing drafts that is on your current stage of Pack / Pick. (If you draft 2 cards from your first pack in the draft [Pack 1, Pick 1], you will receive a pack that is on [Pack 1, Pick 2])

You are guaranteed, and only allowed to pick one hero from each Pack stage. You may still receive packs with a hero if you have already selected one, but you will be unable to pick it. If you do not have a hero at the end of a Pack stage, your last Pick of that stage (only 2 cards remaining) will include a hero card.

Once drafting has completed you will have 60 cards total. All basic items are available to add to your draft deck, and standard deck building restrictions apply. However, the restriction to have five unique heroes in your deck is lifted, allowing you play up to 3 of a Hero card.

Sealed[edit | edit source]

Little to no information is available on Sealed at this time.