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Chain Frost

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Chain Frost
Chain Frost card image.pngv - e
Black Cards.pngBlack
Mana Cost:
Wisnu Tan
Deal 3 damage to a unit. Repeat 7 times: Deal 3 damage to a random unit to its left or right.

Get initiative.

Chain Frost is a basic Black Cards.pngBlack Spell card.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • After the initial target, Chain Frost will randomly choose to go to its left or right.
  • After choosing a direction, Chain Frost will bounce to the closest unit in that direction.
  • If there is no valid unit available in one direction, then it will try to bounce in the opposite direction.
  • If there ever no more bounce targets available, Chain Frost will end prematurely.
  • Chain Frost can bounce across any distance. It does not need to bounce to a directly adjacent enemy.
  • Chain Frost deals 8 instances of 3 damage, for a total of up to 24 raw damage (before damage calculations).


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